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Chapter Two: PI and GRAY

I knew, this time, I'd get two cats, so that they could entertain each other while I was away at work, and that they would already be adjusted to being INDOOR cats!

On the Internet, I took several tests for picking the breed best suited to my lifestyle, and Russian Blue came up as the first choice, each time, so I knew what one cat would for the other, I figured I'd leave it to chance, and pick the cat in the shelter that bonded with me the most!

From the moment I walked into the shelter, a tiny Calico attached herself to me, and made it known to all the other cats that I was hers! A year-old stray, she'd always been passed over because of her age (as I'd discovered in South Carolina, people always prefer kittens), and a frequent eye infection that caused one eye to be closed.

I was confident that the eye problem would clear up in a different environment, so Pi, (short for Popeye!), became my first cat...

There were only two Russian Blues at the shelter, and both were shy and standoffish...but as I sat down on a bench with them, one didn't run, but just looked up at me, and laid his paw on my lap...a year-and-a-half old, he had been rescued from an abusive home environment, and just needed patience and love, two things I had an abundance of! I named the cat Gracie (not realizing it was a MALE!), eventually shortening it to Gray (after discovering my error!)

I now had my NEW family!


After a week, Pi's eye infection cleared up, and she looked beautiful! She quickly appointed herself 'Official Greeter' to any company that would stop by...Very sweet, if a bit highstrung, she is fearless, happily scampering out into the hallway if the front door is left open (but never travelling any further!)...A little Mom, she constantly grooms Gray, and stays close to my side when I'm home, giving a baby-like chirp when she wants my attention!

A finicky eater (she only eats Meow Mix Chicken and Liver for her meals...go figure!), she still got chubby! Pi loves to chase her tail, will whine and scratch if I close any door behind me (which has made bathroom privacy difficult!), and always stares in rapt attention at everything I do!

I leased a water cooler, that I placed in the dining room, and Pi has decided the act of dispensing cold water from the cooler into a glass is the coolest show in town. No matter where she is, when the water runs, she's there!

When I got Pi, I put a collar with a bell on it around her neck; she became quite proud of being so 'musical', loving to shake her head to announce her arrival (even refusing to allow me to change the collar!)

She is an incredibly devoted little bundle of love, and I adore her! (And as I update my comments, today, a year after I adopted her, she is still as devoted to me as ever, curled next to me, dozing and content!)


Gray is a big, clumsy, lovable kid, the self-appointed king of the domain! He eats his food, Pi's food, even my food, if I'm not careful, but will then look at me so soulfully that I can't stay angry!

He remains shy around visitors, will sometimes wince, when I reach out to touch him (carried over, I'm sure, from his previous owner), and is the first to hide at any loud noise, often wedging himself into the smallest spaces, just to be close to me! He has 'designated' the top of the refrigerator as 'our' spot, where we can share 'quality time' as I pet him, and he nuzzles my hand!

He is a a very large cat, and sometimes his efforts to maneuver around objects has unfortunate consequences; he's knocked over the kitchen garbage can, more than once, spilling the contents over two rooms, managed to destroy my cell phone by dropping it into a glass of water, then followed that up by tipping over my expensive new stereo/turntable off of a shelf, sending it crashing to the floor...thus destroying it, as well!

If you love cats, you have to accept that kitty-created disasters WILL happen! (Besides, Gray is so crestfallen when he breaks something...whining his sorrow...that I can't help but forgive him!)

Gray can make loud, nearly human-sounding wails, a talent he loves to display at mealtimes, or when he feels he isn't getting enough attention! He and Pi quickly bonded, and I love watching them groom one another, and play 'tag' around the apartment!

"C'mon, Pi, can't a guy get a little privacy?"

Despite Gray's clutziness and a stubborn desire to rearrange my apartment his way, he is as devoted to me as Pi, and I'm just as crazy about him!...I admit it, the guy is irresistable!


"One is never sure, watching two cats washing each other, whether it's affection, the taste, or a trial run for the jugular."
- Helen Thomson

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