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After six weeks, two weeks after I adopted Gray and Pi, I discovered Candy, healthy, and happily playing in the grass between buildings in my apartment complex!

As it turns out, Candy never left the complex, but found a new home, with an elderly lady, just a few buildings away, who catered to all the strays in the neighborhood! She lived in a first-floor apartment with a patio, which gave Candy the freedom my independent cat craved.

I attempted to bring Candy back into my apartment, but the feline mix of Candy, Pi, and Gray just didn't work out, quickly becoming the Night from Hell, with the older cat attacking my new kids, biting me, and howling, all night long, to be let out...

By morning, I accepted the fact that Candy would never adjust to being indoors, and would only be happy with an outdoor lifestyle...I felt a sense of melancholy as I carried her downstairs, leaving her at the front I stood there, Candy turned, pausing a moment to look at me, then she quickly scampered away into the bushes, savoring her freedom!

For the next nine months, I enjoyed a happy existence, sharing my home with Pi and Gray, and occasionally seeing Candy, cavorting about, outdoors, or obediently following her elderly benefactor, on walks...

Then, in May, my life would change, again...

The 'Cat Lady' stopped by my apartment, and informed me that a secretary from the Management Office had 'adopted' Candy, and had taken her home. She had 'bonded' with Candy during the cat's frequent excursions around the neighborhood, and could offer a place with plenty of outdoor space, and kids and other cats to mess with...

I knew my adventurous first cat would love that arrangement!

Then she announced she was moving...and that her 'favorite' cat, a Gray Tabby, had recently had a litter by the neighborhood Siamese 'tomcat'...and that she needed me to adopt the last of the kittens!

I really didn't think I could handle another cat...After all, my younger cats and Candy hadn't gotten along at all, and Gray (now nearly two and a half), and Pi (approaching her second birthday), had both pretty well settled in, by now. But the woman reminded me that as she'd 'saved' Candy, I 'owed' her, and with her imminent move, if I didn't take it, she'd have to have it 'put to sleep'...and when she held up the tiny, squalling, cute blue-eyed eight-week old, I just couldn't refuse!


I won't say it was easy, in the beginning...Pi and Gray did not warm up to the new addition, initially, and Kit (named after the white cat in "Charmed") hid under my bed, in sheer terror, 'pooping' everywhere...

Soon, however, Kit mustered up his courage, asserting himself, and making a place for himself in his new home...

As Kit became more familiar to Pi and Gray, the pair began to accept the new addition, and to 'hang' together, more...

Gray began to treat the kitten as a 'kid brother', sharing his food, and wrestling and scampering around the apartment with him, while Pi 'mothered' Kit, grooming him, napping with him, and only whacking him two or three times a day!

Kit began to grow like a 'weed', and soon was as long a Pi (if not nearly as chubby,) while still maintaining a stubbornly independent streak...yet beneath the 'tough guy' exterior, he's as loving as Gray and Pi, hopping into my lap frequently to get petted (especially when I'm on the computer!), on my shoulders to get a 'bird's eye' view of things, in my bed to watch TV with me (yes, he really does watch!), and curling up around my feet to sleep!

My kids are truly a family, now!

Endlessly curious, my trio constantly 'hang' with me, even when I'm creating my art... I'll draw them, occasionally, or add them into a drawing!

(Fortunately, they haven't started charging me, yet!)

"You've been a BAD BOY, Gray!"

Life can be an adventure when you share your home with three fantastic cats!


"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods.
Cats have never forgotten this."

- Anonymous

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