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Chapter Seven: October 15, 2006: Kit DISAPPEARS!

It had been a bad week...After fighting with my boss, after pulling 14 shifts in 13 days (13 of them day shifts, most without any business, forcing me to drain my bank account), and nearly losing my job (as well as my friendship with my boss), I was grudgingly given two days off in a row...Pi had developed some painful mats in her fur, on her lower back, and wouldn't let me cut them out, so I set up an appointment for a mobile pet groomer to groom her, and trim out the lumped hair...and as I watched my funds dip to nearly nothing, I thought things were were about as bad as they could be...

Then Kit disappeared, apparently jumping (despite the Plexiglas 'wall' built to prevent it) off my third-floor balcony...

He was here when I got home from work, and I petted and played with him, a bit; after feeding him, and Pi and Gray, I went to my bedroom, popped in a movie, and watched it, then came to my studio/office to check my e-mails and websites...Gray and Pi joined me, but Kit didn't (not all that unusual, as Kit, the 'free spirit' of my trio, doesn't 'hang' with the other cats, a lot of the time)...But when I filled the bowls and topped the water bowl, at 10:30pm, he didn't show up for THAT, either, and I grew concerned!

Calling and searching the apartment, I quickly realized he wasn't here...and I suddenly had a flashback of Candy, jumping the rail and running away, when I first moved to Las Vegas, over two years ago. Dressing, I went out, and searched around my apartment building, with no success, in the darkness. I made up flyers, to be posted the next morning, until the groomer arrived...

I'm hoping Kit found a place to 'hang out', and will appear, somewhere around the buildings...I'm blaming myself, for not putting an ID tag on him (he'd never left my apartment, in a year and a half), for letting the cats onto the balcony (although they'd never tried to jump off, in over a year), for not spending more time with him, for taking so long before I realized he was missing...

I hope he's safe!

October 16, 2006

After a night filled with dreams of cars crushing my poor Kit, I awoke, to Pi and Gray curled around me, and realized they were as confused and upset as I was! I played with both cats, fixed them breakfast, then went downstairs and began posting flyers...

At 9:45, the pet groomer arrived, and carried Pi down to his mobile grooming van. She howled a lot, but her claws were trimmed, and the tangled, matted fur quickly was cut away. Her collar, which, despite her love of the bell, was far too tight, was removed, as well, and gradually, a far sleeker, more beautiful cat emerged, and she began to enjoy all the primping!

A friskier Pi was soon back in my apartment, teasing the thoroughly bemused Gray, and rubbing my legs in happiness. Despite the expense, I was pleased and relieved, but Kit was always in my mind, and I was afraid I'd have to relive all of the anguish I'd gone through, when Candy ran away.

Then, at 2:30, the phone rang. "Are you the person who posted the flyer about the missing cat?" a female voice with a Mexican accent asked.

"Yes," I answered, suddenly feeling a lump rising in my throat.

"We found him, I think..."

"Is he...?"

She laughed. "Oh, he's okay," she replied. "He got stuck between the Building Eight first floor laundry room door, and the wall...Does he bite?"

"He hasn't, in a year and a half...Can you bring him up?"

Minutes later, howling mournfully, Kit arrived, carried by a young Mexican girl, escorted by her husband. His nose was scratched and bruised, and he looked shaken up, but other than that, he was fine!

After paying them their 'Finder's Fee', I brought Kit back into our home, where he quickly sniffed out the 'new look' Pi, was licked by Gray...then charged to the litterbox, water bowl and food dish, doing a 'number' on each, and finally, to the rocking chair, for a snooze!

My family was together, again!

Honestly, I think Kit fell, and didn't jump. Unlike Candy, who ran away as soon as she hit the ground, Kit never left the building, finding refuge in the laundry room, until he'd be found. Why he hadn't come to me, when I searched, I'll never know (maybe he was afraid I'd punish him), but as he jumped up and curled in my lap, later that evening, I knew he was happy to be back!

The next morning, it took some courage to reopen the balcony door, but the cats all cried so soulfully that I took a chance, and everything went fine!

Life has returned to normal, with Pi, my princess, always at my side, watching me, lovingly (despite her mute disapproval of my smoking); Gray, my best friend, crawling next to me as I go to bed, staring 'eye-to-eye' at me, and stroking my face with his paw; and Kit, my little hurricane, bouncing off the furniture, and keeping all of us on our toes!

And as I type this, my beloved cats are all curled around me, again!

Life is good...

"Life is GOOD? Where's the chapter
about MY adventures???"

Cats truly ARE magical!


Thanks for stopping by!
Drop back any time...My cats LOVE company!

"A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays."
- English Proverb

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