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Chapter Eight: Summer, 2007: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Fall shifted to Winter, and then Winter disappeared into a very warm Spring...and then a record-setting HOT Summer descended on Las Vegas, in 2007...

Naturally, my kids spent far more time than usual indoors (although they still shed their fur like crazy!), but they were happy, adventurous, and as lovable, as always!

Here are some Summer of '07 photos...

Pi still greets every visitor who drops in, ready to accept their attention, Kit is chewing the stitches out of the second-hand couch in the living room (although he always stays near me, at night!), and Gray 'talks' to me, hides from 'company', and demands special time with me, to cuddle!

There is never a day when I don't feel blessed!

Cats truly ARE magical!

My Pest Control NIGHTMARE!

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- Anonymous

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