Welcome to the second page of my collection of Duke's co-stars' autographs! I've tried, over the years, to collect as many as I could afford; Some of these actors, I've had the pleasure of writing to, many, I've purchased, but each is truly special to me!

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Jennifer O'Neill
Jennifer O'Neill - "Rio Lobo"
Jerry Van Dyke
Jerry Van Dyke - "McLintock!"
John Agar
John Agar - 6 Films
Karl Malden
Karl Malden - "How the West Was Won"
Katharine Ross
Katharine Ross - "Hellfighters"
Kenneth Tobey
Kenneth Tobey - "The Wings of Eagles"
Kim Darby
Kim Darby - "True Grit"
Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas - 3 Films
Lana Wood
Lana Wood - "The Searchers"
Laraine Day
Laraine Day - 2 Films
Larry Hagman
Larry Hagman - "In Harm's Way"
Lauren Bacall
Lauren Bacall - 2 Films
Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin - 3 Films
Lloyd Nolan
Lloyd Nolan - 2 Films
Martha Hyer
Martha Hyer - "The Sons of Katie Elder"
Martin Milner
Martin Milner - 2 Films
Maureen O'Hara
Maureen O'Hara - 5 Films
Max von Sydow
Max von Sydow - "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
Mel Ferrer
Mel Ferrer - 2 Films
Mike Mazurki
Mike Mazurki - 2 Films
Patricia Neal
Patricia Neal - 2 Films
Patrick Wayne
Patrick Wayne - 10 Films
Paula Prentiss
Paula Prentiss - "In Harm's Way"
Phil Harris
Phil Harris - "The High and the Mighty"
Phil Silvers
Phil Silvers - "A Lady Takes a Chance"
Red Buttons
Red Buttons - 2 Films
Ricardo Montalban
Ricardo Montalban - "The Train Robbers"
Richard Boone
Richard Boone - 3 Films
Richard Widmark
Richard Widmark - 2 Films
Robert Carradine
Robert Carradine - "The Cowboys"
Robert Duvall
Robert Duvall - "True Grit"
Robert Mitchum
Robert Mitchum - 2 Films
Robert Preston
Robert Preston - 2 Films
Robert Stack
Robert Stack - "The High and the Mighty"
Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner - "The Longest Day"
Rod Steiger
Rod Steiger - "The Longest Day"
Rod Taylor
Rod Taylor - "The Train Robbers"
Ron Howard
Ron Howard - "The Shootist"
Roscoe Lee Browne
Roscoe Lee Browne - "The Cowboys"
Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers - "Dark Command"
Sean Connery
Sean Connery - "The Longest Day"
Senta Berger
Senta Berger - "Cast a Giant Shadow"
Shelley Winters
Shelley Winters - "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
Sheree North
Sheree North - "The Shootist"
Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple - "Fort Apache"
Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren - "Legend of the Lost"
Stephanie Powers
Stephanie Powers - "McLintock!"
Stewart Granger
Stewart Granger - "North to Alaska"
Stuart Whitman
Stuart Whitman - 2 Films
Telly Savalas
Telly Savalas - "The Greatest Story Ever Told"
Vera Miles
Vera Miles - 3 Films
Vera Ralston
Vera Ralston - 2 Films
William Conrad
William Conrad - "The Conqueror"
Yakima Canutt
Yakima Canutt - 21+ Films

Yvonne De Carlo
Yvonne De Carlo - "McLintock!"

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