During John Wayne's 50-year career, he made a wide assortment of unforgettable comments; in my websurfing for this Tribute site, I've discovered a variety of memorable quotes, from films, albums, and TV appearances...which I'd like to share with you!

Please, feel free to listen to them, and download them, if you wish...but PLEASE, if you choose to add them to your site, do NOT simply link them from here! This is called bandwidth piracy, and not only is it improper, but it will shut my pages down, which will prevent them from working on your site, either...these are for everyone's pleasure, so show some courtesy...the Duke would...

Finally, I must warn you that the language is a bit colorful in a few quotes, so you may want to preview them before you share them with your kids, the clergy, or Michael Moore...



"Another fine day..." (wav, 81K)

"Don't say a fine morning..." (wav, 26K)

"Due Process is a bullet..." (wav, 193K)

"Fill your hands, you..." (wav, 34K)

"Gonna get accidently shot..." (wav, 22K)

"I never shot nobody..." (wav, 50K)

"I was born game..." (wav, 47K)

"I was called that once..." (wav, 54K)

"I won't be wronged..." (wav, 114K)

"I wouldn't make it a habit..." (wav, 20K)

"I wouldn't touch that dog..." (wav, 33K)

"If you're lookin' for trouble..." (wav, 48K)

"I'll hunt you down..." (wav, 16K)

"I'm proud of you..." (wav, 76K)

"Let's go home, Debbie..." (wav, 108K)

"Never Apologize..." (wav, 130K)

"One oath at a time..." (wav, 609K)

"Pilgrim, you've caused a lot of trouble..." (wav, 128K)

"That was a rough horse..." (wav, 34K)

"That'll be the day..." (wav, 51K)

"The biggest mistake you'll ever make..." (wav, 56K)

"There'll be no locks or bolts..." (wav, 252K)

"The time has come for me to ride hard..." (wav, 52K)

"Vermin-ridden son..." (wav, 54K)

"We're burnin' daylight..." (Happy) (wav, 74K)

"We're burnin' daylight..." (Unhappy) (wav, 40K)

"What do you want me to do, draw you a picture?..." (wav, 400K)

"Where did you find these..." (wav, 181K)

"Yes, we are too old for war..." (wav, 291K)

"You are a lot of trouble..." (wav, 49K)

"You fresh kid..." (wav, 188K)

"You look mighty pretty when you get mad..." (wav, 510K)


Gunsmoke: Wayne Introduces first episode... (MP3, 1.4MB)

Rio Bravo Ad: Wayne Introduces Dean Martin/Ricky Nelson Duet... (MP3, 2MB)

Laugh-In: "Never apologize..." (wav, 504K)

Laugh-In: "The Sky Poem..." (wav, 28K)

Laugh-In: "Shoot first, ask questions later..." (wav, 21K)

America, Why I Love Her SELECTIONS!

"America, Why I Love Her..." (wav, 431K)

"America, Why I Love Her..." (MP3, 2.8MB)

"Face the Flag..." (MP3, 3.6MB)

"Pledge of Allegiance..." (wav, 636K)

"An American Boy Grows Up..." (MP3, 4.2MB)

"The Good Things..." (wav, 385K)

"Taps..." (wav, 443K)

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