Adam West (TV "Batman")

Adrienne Barbeau ("Swamp Thing", "Escape from New York", "The Fog", much more!)

Al Lewis (TV original "The Munsters")

Alan Rickman ("Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "Galaxy Quest", "Harry Potter")

Alexandra Tydings ("Hercules", "Xena")

Alexandra Tydings ("Hercules", "Xena")

Ali Larter ("Final Destination", "Final Destination 2")

Alicia Silverstone ("Batman and Robin")

Alyssa Milano ("Charmed") and Charlotte Lewis ("The Golden Child") in "Embrace of the Vampire"

Anna Paquin ("X-Men" 1, 2, 3)

Annabeth Gish ("The X Files")

Annabeth Gish ("The X Files")

Anne Francis ("Forbidden Planet")

Anne Lockhart ("Battlestar Galactica")

Arnold Schwarzenegger (2 "Conan" Films, 'Terminator' Series, "Predator", "Total Recall", many other Fantasy and SF films!)

Anthony Zerbe (2 "Matrix" Films, "The Omega Man", "Star Trek: Insurrection", many other Fantasy and SF films!)

"Avengelyne" model Linda Christian

Barbara Eden ("I Dream of Jeannie", movie "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea")

"Vampirella" model Barbara Leigh ("Mistress of the Apes")

Billy Campbell ("The Rocketeer")

Billy Mumy ("Lost in Space" and "Babylon 5")

Billy Zane ("Back to the Future", "The Phantom", "Charmed")

Bob Hoskins ("Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", "Super Mario Brothers", "Hook", More)

Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns")

Brian Blessed ("Flash Gordon", "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "Star Wars, Ep 1")

Brian Dennehy ("Coccoon", "FX")

Brian Krause ("Sleepwalkers", "Return to Cabin by the Lake", "Charmed")

Britt Ekland ("The Wicker Man")

Brittany Murphy ("Frank Miller's Sin City")

Bruce Cabot (The original "King Kong", "Diamonds Are Forever")

Bruce Campbell ("Evil Dead" trilogy, "Spider-Man", "Bubba Ho-tep", "Sky High", much, much, MUCH more!)

Bruce Dern ("Silent Running", more)

Bruce Willis ("12 Monkeys", "The Fifth Element", "Armeggedon", "The Sixth Sense", "Unbreakable", "Frank Miller's Sin City")

Buddy Hackett ("The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm")