From the trademark Gunbarrel opening shot, to the reassuring "James Bond WILL Return..." in the closing credits, no action hero has ever captured the public's imagination as well as Ian Fleming's 'Gentleman Spy', James Bond. The 007 novels have been bestsellers for over 50 years, the movie series, a film staple for over 40 years...

The tagline "Bond...James Bond" has become as familiar to audiences as "Here's looking at you, kid", "Up, Up, and Away!", and "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn". James Bond has joined the ranks of Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, and Superman as epic heroes who have transcended the era in which they were created, to become timeless icons.

The films revolutionized the film industry, introducing pre-credit action sequences, music video-style opening credits, a staccato approach to screen violence, and a permissiveness about sex (without an "R" rating!), that 60's audiences had never seen before....but quickly embraced. By the time "Goldfinger" debuted, in 1964, a genuine phenomena had engulfed the entire world, as virtually millions of fans stood in lines to be swept away by Bond mania.

I was first hooked on James Bond, that year, watching "Dr. No" at a Drive-In, and my life has never been the same!

As a caricature artist, drawing James Bond has become a habit, over the years...

My first 007 Caricature, from 1973

My 007 Clock, from 1981

My 2002 Caricature of the screen's first five OFFICIAL 007s...

My 2006 Caricature of Daniel Craig joining the Bond club...

Sean Connery

George Lazenby

Roger Moore

Timothy Dalton

Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig

My 2006 Bond Portrait Sketches - Click on the images to see larger versions!


...and as an autograph collector and freelance writer, collecting signatures and writing Bond reviews has become a passion!

Join me, in celebrating the actors and films that have brought James Bond to life, for generations of fans...Grab your Walther PPK, your vodka martini (shaken, not stirred, of course!), and let's begin...

Ben Burgraff









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