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More of the the strange characters who draw caricatures for a living!

The truth is STILL out there...

Caricaturist Irene Franz
Irene Franz
Caricaturist Jack Neil
Jack Neil
Caricaturist Jan Op De Beeck, and Ringo Starr
Jan Op De Beeck and Ringo Starr
Caricaturist Jerry Bowyer
Jerry Bowyer
Caricaturist Jerry 'Kid' Cordona
Jerry 'Kid' Cordona
Caricaturist Jessica Plummer
Jessica Plummer
Caricaturist Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson
SeaWorld Caricaturist Jill Hesketh
Jill Hesketh
Caricaturist Jim Mayfield
Jim Mayfield
SeaWorld Caricaturist/NCN Vice President Joe Bluhm
Joe Bluhm
SeaWorld Caricaturist/NCN Vice President Joe Bluhm
Joe Bluhm
Exaggerated Caricaturist/NCN Vice President Joe Bluhm
Joe Bluhm
Exaggerated Caricaturist Joey Judkins
Joey Judkins
Exaggerated Caricaturist Johanna Veerenhuis
Johanna Veerenhuis
Caricaturist John Doherty
John Doherty and G.W. Bush
Caricaturist John Harper
John Harper
Caricaturist Jon 'Devereaux' Laing
Jon 'Devereaux' Laing
Caricaturist Jon-Paul McCarthy
Jon-Paul McCarthy
Caricaturist Justin Cook
Justin Cook
Caricaturist Kage Nakanishi
Kage Nakanishi
Caricaturist Kathy Bailey
Kathy Bailey
Past NCN President Keelan Parham as the 'Wizard of Oz' Scarecrow
Keelan Parham
Caricaturist Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson
Caricaturist Kenny Durkin
Kenny Durkin
Canadian Caricaturist Lar deSouza
Lar deSouza
Exaggerated Lar deSouza
Lar deSouza
Laura Elliott
Laura Elliott
Caricaturist Lee Suckow
Lee Suckow
Caricaturist Len Hernandez
Len Hernandez
Caricaturist Lisa Chudyba
Lisa Chudyba
Caricaturist Lucas Johnston
Lucas Johnston
Caricaturist Marco Bucci
Marco Bucci
Caricaturist Maria C. Hernandez, and Russell
Maria C. Hernandez and Russell
Caricaturist Mark Chong
Mark Chong
Caricaturist Marlo Meekins
Marlo Meekins
Exaggerated Caricaturist Marlo Meekins
Marlo Meekins
Exaggerated Caricaturist Marlon Huynh
Marlon Huynh
Caricaturist Matt Zitman
Matt Zitman
Caricaturist Matt Zitman
Matt Zitman
Caricaturist Michael LOCODUCK Duron
Michael LOCODUCK Duron
Caricaturist Mick Hollinworth
Mick Hollinworth
Caricaturist Mike Barnett
Mike Barnett
Caricaturist Mike Carlon
Mike Carlon
British Caricaturist Mike Giblin
Mike Giblin
Caricaturist Mike Hasson
Mike Hasson
Exaggerated Caricaturist Mike Hasson
Mike Hasson
Caricaturist Mike Klen
Mike Klen
Caricaturist Mike Newsome
Mike Newsome
Caricaturist Mike Newsome and wife, Tammy
Mike and Tammy Newsome

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