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Kelly and Justin American Idol Judges Randy, Paula, and Simon Pat 'Ryan Seacrest Clay and Ruben Samuel L. Jackson
Charmed Law and Order
Chris and Julie Provenzano Wedding Invitation Friends
1992 'classic' John Wayne caricature Sean Connery Harrison Ford Mel Gibson
Bruce Willis
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Bob and Bing
Frank and Dino
Viva Las Vegas!
John and Yoko
Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland
I Love Lucy
'Motorcycle Mama', Live Drawing, 2000 Advanced Auto Client Picture
Caricaturist Buddy Rose and Sons
Venetian CEO, Robert Goldstein
Las Vegas Sands Chairman of Board Sheldon Adelson
Legendary Las Vegas Entrepreneur Steve Wynn
Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson
Enterprise Captains William Shatner and Patrick Stewart
The New Shatner/Nimoy Priceline Ad!
Fishin' with George Bush, Sr.
Kevin Costner and bride Christine Baumgartner
A film that should NOT be made!
The Donald
Harrison Ford in 'Air Force One'
Salma Hayek
Anniversary Artwork for Classic Film
W.C. Fields
Carmen Electra
Alfred Hitchcock
Bill Murray
Sketch from life of Actor/Model Brent Allen Caputo
TV's first Superman, George Reeves
3 Friends
Oscars 2005
Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman Editorial Cartoon
Lee Marvin
Jack Nicholson
Frank Sinatra

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