Little Superman, 1958; with Dad, 1975; Improving my Mind, 1983; Another Satisfied Customer, 1989; Las Vegas, 2004

"Little by little, one travels far."
- J. R. R. Tolkien (1892 - 1973)

It's amazing, how quickly a half-century of living has gone by...

As I return to my desert apartment, each night, I often think about the course my life has run, and the choices I've made...

...from rejecting my father's 'blueprint' for my future, to world-wide adventures in the Air Force, and beautiful Kate, my first love...finally accomplishing my Dream of a College Degree, then turning away from traditional Art, to pursue humor...the success and recognition Caricatures for All Occasions provided, at a price...Martha, the catalyst who turned my whole life around, in my mid-forties...the initial excitement but gradual frustration of the years in North Myrtle Beach, leading me to gamble everything on a future in the ultimate city of 'Chance', Las Vegas...and with 'Sin City' not being, thus far, the 'End of the Rainbow', financially, I've begun to remember a childhood dream, of living in Hawaii...but that, at present, remains just a fantasy...

I sometimes feel more than a twinge of melancholy about the paths I might have taken, had events occurred differently, but I've had a helluva good run, so far, and I know that my story isn't finished, yet! I've been blessed with a talent, an itch to see new places, and I've been set upon a course that will lead me to whatever destiny is in store for me. As Mark Twain wrote, "All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure..."

My 'kids', Gray, Kit, and Pi

I open my door, greeted by my meowing and adoring (if always hungry ) cats, and I can't help but laugh, and say, honestly, "I can't wait to see where tomorrow leads me..."

And my story continues...

Ben in Las Vegas, Spring, 2005

Burgraff Brothers, 1998
Burgraff Brothers, 2004

(Left) Christmas, 1998: The Burgraff Brothers: Ed, Herb, and me; (Right) Six years later; Ed and Herb are both married, have families, and are living in Maryland...

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