Welcome to Page 2 of how OTHER ARTISTS see ME!
Every Caricaturist has a collection of 'portraits' by his peers, other Caricaturists...Sometimes flattering, sometimes not (hey, these are people who exaggerate for a living!)

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Sharpen your pencils, Artists!
Here, again, are five views of me to 'Shoot' at...

Kenly Dillard

Lar deSouza

Lee Suckow

Maria C. Hernandez

Mark Wesley

Matt Zitman

Mel Lothrop

Michael Hollinworth

Miguel Luna

Mike Barnett

Mike Giblin

Mike Newsome

Mike Paglia

Mike Paglia

Nelson Santos

Niall O'Loughlin

Paul Harrington

Paul McCall

Paul Moyse

Rob Rent

Rob Westall

Robb Miller

Roz Rozwood

Sam Arneson

Sam Arneson

Sam Gorrie

Sosuke Narita

Steve Hearn

Teresa Farrington

Terry Dunnett

Tim Wells

Tom Richmond

Tony B.

Vincent Altamore

Wil Rowland Jr.

Zach Ford

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If you'd like to check out my drawings of some of these artists, click HERE!

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