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Welcome to the HOMEPAGES for my FAMILY...A collection of lovable, crazy, sweet cats who have changed my life!

I grew up as a 'Dog Person', as my Mom HATED cats, but I always loved them, and dreamed that someday I'd have one of my own...and now, I've had FOUR!

Allow me to introduce them...

Chapter One: CANDY

In the beginning, there was Candy...

I adopted Candy from the North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Animal Shelter in 2001. The six-month-old brown tabby had been picked up as a stray, and was considered unlikely for adoption because she wasn't a kitten...but she picked me, with a loving gaze from within her cage, and I simply couldn't say no!

The staff had named her Candy because of her sweet disposition...a character trait that lasted until I got her home!

I quickly discovered that while she could be affectionate, she was a free spirit who preferred the outdoors...would only drink from the toilet bowl(??!!)...and that her love bites were painful, as she was never satisfied unless she drew blood!

Nonetheless, I loved Candy, and she loved me, and for three years, I left the back door open whenever I was home, and she would join me at meal times and bedtime, spending the rest of her time in her outdoor kingdom, happily exploring!

Unfortunately, my art career required me to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada, and, after a twenty-four hundred mile crosscountry drive, over four days (a real adventure, with a cat who HATED riding!), I discovered our new home would be a third-floor apartment, and that Candy would be forced to adapt to being an 'indoor' cat...

Sadly, Candy never adjusted to the restrictions of a life indoors. Despite my best efforts to entertain her, she grew moody and distant. After a month in our new home, as I napped, she jumped off the third-floor balcony onto a tree, and disappeared!

Despite posting a homemade flyer, searches of the apartment complex, and visits to the local animal shelters, I couldn't find her. My friends theorized that she was trying to return to South Carolina; a somewhat jaded shelter employee said, bluntly, after three weeks missing, that she was certainly dead, an opinion I refused to share!

However, after a month had passed, I finally admitted to myself that Candy wasn't coming back, and that I'd have to find new cats to fill my home and my life!

Two NEW Loves in My Life!

"Never try to outstubborn a cat."
- Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988): Time Enough for Love: The Lives of Lazarus Long (1973)

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Remembering Candy!