I've always loved music, all kinds of music, and when I began building pages on the Internet, I knew that each page would have a theme, music that would reflect my feeling about the subjects I wrote about.

The wonderful thing was, there was an easy format, midis, offering electronic transcriptions that nearly any computer with a sound card could interpret as music!

The songs I added to each page were for entertainment only, never to make money...saved from many sources offering them.

I'd like to share the midis I've collected with you, for your enjoyment, as well (and to encourage you to buy the 'real' music from the artists represented!)...feel free to 'save' them on your computer, but PLEASE do NOT attempt to simply link back to my URL, if you use them on your pages!

Hope you enjoy my collection!

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The materials on this site are for informational, entertainment, and review purposes only. No commercial gain is realized from this site, it is strictly non-profit. Copyright infringement is not intended in regards to the artist or any of the artist's entities. If you hold the copyright on materials here and you wish them removed, or you sequenced the MIDI file and want credit, please contact Ben Burgraff. Thank you!

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