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Lois and Clark
Son Nguyen
Magic Johnson Mitch and Laura Mitch and Laura Leslie Nielson Madonna
Paula Abdul
Picard and Spock Bill Cosby Naughty Clinton! Myrtle Beach Babes! Myrtle Beach Artists '93 Costner as Hood
The Rocketeer
Clint Eastwood
Backdraft Schwartzenegger Spice Girls Classic Star Trek Star Wars
ST-TNG Groucho Marilyn and Groucho
Jurassic Park Tom Richmond Tim Allen The Price is RIGHT!
John Travolta
Eddie Murphy
Meg Ryan Celebrities1 Spock, Kirk, McCoy Mark Twain Wil Smith
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Jessica Simpson
Mandy Moore Jennifer Lopez Paris Hilton Jennifer Garner
Wonder Woman
The Flash Supergirl Black Canary Green Arrow

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