Caricatures by BEN BURGRAFF!

My Celebrity Photo Album
An elaborate site presenting my 1000+ autographed photos in a 'Photo Album' format, categorized by themes ('Legends', 'Comedy', etc...) A labor of love!

My Internet Movie Database Movie/Television Reviews
Written under my screen name, CARIART, for the IMDb, comments and reviews for over three hundred films and television series! About BEN BURGRAFF
My 'official' Amazon site offers my latest movie reviews, lists of available-to-own titles for many classic stars, and my guides on how to increase your movie-watching enjoyment!

My 95th Rifles Store
My A-Store offering the most complete collection of the exploits of the swashbuckling Napoleonic Wars officer; if you haven't seen the films, starring Sean Bean, you're in for a treat!

SUPERMAN ...Then and Now!
A personal tribute to the Man of Steel and the actors who have brought him to life, with photos, artwork, reviews, and much, MUCH more!

My 007 site, with signed photos, original artwork, and personal reviews of EVERY Bond film!

My Las Vegas Home!
A tour of my home/studio in fabulous Las Vegas! Meet my amazing cats, see where I create... and you won't even have to climb all the steps to visit!

...For Those who love CALICOS as much as I love my PI...

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"Life is too important to take seriously."
- Corky Siegel

Thanks for visiting my personal HOMEPAGE!

My primary interests are my livelihood, drawing CARICATURES; my hobbies, collecting AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS, and writing ENTERTAINMENT REVIEWS; and my beloved CATS (Russian Blue 'Gray', Calico 'Pi', and Siamese/Tabby mix 'Kit'). To the left and below are links to pages and pages of my stuff, and I invite you to check them all out! There are a lot of very cool things to see!

I appreciate the constant support my many friends and fans have given me through the years! You're the greatest!

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