In the decade that I've been displaying my art on the Internet, a wide variety of sites have utilized my caricatures, illustrations, and other graphics to promote their sites or services, offer a different outlet and potential audience, or to show their appreciation of my work!

Here is a collection of some sites I didn't create, where you can find 'me'...
I provided all the illustrations (Title Page, Chapter Headings, etc.) for this Virginia-based company's site, along with a short bio of me!

Superman TV/Fan Art
A terrific site offering news, merchandise, and a LOT of fan art related to the Man of Steel! You can see a variety of both my drawings and photo collages!

Jim Nolt, a long-time fan of the George Reeves' "Adventures of Superman" TV series, and it's legendary star (Jim was the motivator in getting Reeves his 'Star' on the Hollywood "Walk of Fame"), has created a wonderful site; I've shared artwork, and some of my happy childhood memories of my favorite show!

All Art On
A French-based site highlighting the work of a large collection of international artists, and their works; my Bush sample is displayed, with a description of my site!

An artist-created site, offering the work of a wide array of creative people, in a variety of media; there is a page of my artwork!

Caricatures for All Occasions!
While my affiliation with Washington D.C.'s oldest caricature company ended several years ago, they still list me on the site, and offer some of my artwork to view!

National Caricaturist Network
The OFFICIAL Caricaturist organization offers a directory of member artists, with a page devoted to me and my artwork!

Caricaturist Mike Hasson has an extensive on-line directory of artists, with a page devoted to me!

The Nose
Tad Barney has one of the oldest and most respected internet caricaturists' directories, and I'm listed, with a page!

I'm a BIG fan of "The Lost World" series; this wonderful fansite devotes a page to my B&W caricatures of the cast!

The Cage Factor
The award-winning BEST Nick Cage fansite on the Net has two of my Cage drawings!

Universal Exports
A fabulous "James Bond"-related site uses my "007 Chorus Line", with some kind words!

Everything you need to know about this amazing invention, a pedal that allows electric guitars to mimic bass, strings, and other instruments; I drew the webmaster, and my drawing appears on the Contact Page!

Lady Nighthawk's Mega AV Index
A multi-media site presenting a variety of graphics under various themes offers a page of my images!

The Carolina Shag Club
Shag, the South Carolina State Dance, has MANY sites; this terrific one shows me hard at work!

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