Every Caricaturist has a collection of 'portraits' by his peers, other Caricaturists...Sometimes flattering, sometimes not (hey, these are people who exaggerate for a living!), it is always entertaining to see how they interpret what they see...

Here is Page 1 of some views of me, over the past fifteen years, that may explain why I'm still SINGLE!

Click on any picture for a larger view!

Sharpen your pencils, Artists!
Here are five views of me to 'Shoot' at...

Adam Pate

Alison Gelbman

Amy Barrett

Antwan Ramar

Beau Hufford

Ben Burgraff

"Big Al" Lopez

"Big Al" Lopez

Bill Begos

Bill LaRocque

Bob East

Bob Stanglewicz

Bob Stanglewicz

Brad Bailey

Brad Bailey

Brad Bailey

Brad Wightman

Brett Bandriwsky

Brigitte Ford

Buddy Rose

Court Jones

Chris Greene

Dan (MD) Smith

Dave Curbis

Dave Stephens

Dave Stephens

Dave Stephens

Dean Ewing

Dion Socia

Dion Socia

Elgin Bolling

Elgin Bolling

Erica Deutsch

Erik Johnson

Fred Koceba

Grant Brown

Ian Davy Brown

Jan Op De Beeck

Jason Seiler

Jessica Thompson

John Harper

Jon-Paul McCarthy

Kelly Gannon

Ken Goracke

Wait! There's MORE!

Click HERE to see Page 2!

If you'd like to check out my drawings of some of these artists, click HERE!

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